Videos on how to operate this tool is provided in Section 9-2 of the following web teaching Japanese book. But that is based on Japanese.

The notification will be changed as necessary. Please check it regularly.

This current tool is available free as a trial with the resource constraints listed below. Also, currently, we are not optimizing the screen for varius smartphones.

It is limited as one requirement definition for one account, and the following restrictions are set for the number of resources that can be set there.

Resource Count Constraint

  • Number of requirements: 1
  • Number of functions: 25
  • Number of targets: 15
  • Number of groups: 15
  • Number of user interfaces: 20
  • Number of Attributes/Target: 10 (Does not include automatically generated ID, creation date, update date, foreign key)

sample account

  • If you log in with the following account, you can check the Sample to see what kind of management is possible. You can check the requirements definition, method design, and as a result, you can also check the ER diagram that is automatically generated.
  • It is not possible to update, add, or delete data such as sample accounts and requirement definitions linked to them.
  • Email address (user ID):
  • Password: samplepassword

About basic operation icons

  • eye: Display details of the selected resource
  • pen: Edit the selected resource
  • trash box: Delete the selected resource
  • memo : Click to see the operation method for the corresponding item