Clarify what is the target in application

Be clear about what you are targeting.

A target is something that you want your application to handle.
If you want to create something like a social networking system (SNS), the target is people.
If you sell a product, the target is products. That said, it also applies to people who buy it.
Depending on the application to be serviced, the target is various, and it is not limited to only one.
By clarifying the target, which is such an object for your application, you can see what is required.
In that sense, it's one of your first things to organize.

Think of various targets that may need in your application, and use the new target creation to organize them.
When thinking about targets, let's understand the term target resource.
Target resource includes various types of 'products' when you think of a target as 'products'. The idea of ​​resource is to treat each of these as a group called 'products'. The terms target and target resource may be used interchangeably.
When considering one target, video content, it would be better to consider various kinds of video content as one target resource of video content.
If it is a person, the target resource may be divided according to each type, such as an individual customer, a colleague, a person in charge of a business partner, or an employee.

When treating especialy a target as a one chunk of each data, you might consider using the term 'target resource'.

To set a target (target resource), press the new target button to create it.
Please refer to the contents of *memo* of the new target when creating it.
Also, all of these will be created under a single requirement name.

If you have already registered targets, check the target list (targets).